About Us

GENÇ POLYMER CHEMICAL INDUSTRY was established on an area of 3000 m2 in Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone in 2018, with the experience gained in production and sales since 1999.

Genç Polymer Chemical Industry, which has taken its place among the leading companies of Turkey in the production of Cast Acrylic Sheet, that is, plexiglass since its establishment, has aimed to improve production quality, increase customer satisfaction and grow further accompanied by its business partners as a solution partner, and thus improved itself gradually by making this goal a principle.

Working with experienced names in the field of management and production, Genç Polymer Chemical Industry takes firm steps forward with the strength it takes from its team of the most experienced professionals in the sector and produces an average of 1500 tons per year.

GP-branded Acrylic sheets within the body of Genç Polymer Chemical Industry are produced in accordance with the CE Standard and can enter into a tight competition with acrylic sheets produced in Europe.

Genc Polymer Chemical Industry, which aims to add innovations to its product range by conducting R&D and P&D studies every day, serves in the sector with its rich color scale, rich varieties of thickness and hundreds of different sizes as well as high quality production.

Furthermore, the products of Genç Polymer Chemical Industry are known in the market with the GP brand, and Genç Polymer Chemical Industry provides a rich service by producing its own brand GP Flex plexiglass adhesive, which does not leave any traces, not causing the product to crack, so as to be either thin or thick.

Genç Polymer Chemical Industry aims to be one of the leading forces in the sector by continuing its operations on its new facility, which will be established on an area of ​​6000 m2, in order to further increase its production capacity and to improve the quality to a higher level by using high technology systems.